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Bhiwadi – Rising City, Bright future of Real Estate and Industrial Sector


Bhiwadi is situated at the east end of Rajasthan. It is a census township in Tijara tehsil of Alwar. The town is advance over closely 5,300 acres, and houses over 2,700 big, medium and small scale industries. New Delhi, 200km from capital Jaipur, 40km from Gurgaon, 5km from NH-8 (Delhi-Jaipur highway) 60km from Faridabad and on the Dharuhera-Sohna Road.


How to Reach Bhiwadi :- Among many other places to visit in Rajasthan,Bhiwadi. Nearest option is Gurgaon.There are no regular trains from other primary cities to Bhiwadi. Indira Gandhi International Airport on regular basisand the nearest railway station  is Pataudi Road.


By Flight:- Bhiwadi---58 km away---indira gandhi international airport,new delhi, delhi

 Bhiwadi---160 km away---kheria airport ,agra, uttar Pradesh.


By Bus :-  Bhiwadi---31 km away---gurgaon gurgaon, Haryana.

    Bhiwadi---43 km away---kosli kosli, Haryana.


By Train :- Bhiwadi---31 km away---gurgaon gurgaon, Haryana.

   Bhiwadi---43 km away---kosli kosli, Haryana.


Khushkhera: Industrial Area

Khushkhera is an industrial area in Tijara tehsil of Alwar. The area comes under Delhi NCR is an famous industrial hub. Bhiwadi together form one urban sprawl. It is 85 km from New Delhi and 65 km Distance from Gurgaon to Bhiwadi.


Bhiwadi lies on national highway no.8 (Jaipur- Delhi highway). It is an industrial hub that lies in Rajasthan. The north region of town is already developed with around 2700 small, medium and large industries. The industries that are operating in bhiwadi are furnace, electronics, steel, printing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, rolling mills, herbal care units, food processing units, and many more.  This growth in industrial sector leading to the growth of real estate sector in the city of bhiwadi.


Real Estate :-

Now days, the bhiwadi is at the peak of its growing development. The town offers the modern lifestyle and all urban facilities. As a result of huge growth opportunity bhiwadi is becoming a favorite spot among real estate developers and investors. There are individual regions for development of real estate sector in bhiwadi.


"The huge advantage of Bhiwadi, and for that thing places on or near NH-8, is the comfort of connectivity. The place has engage a lot of industrial action and provided scope for a explosion in real estate. Another plus point of Bhiwadi is its perfect water-supply system. When as to Gurgaon, the prices are very justifiable in Bhiwadi. It offers better aptitude at a much more low-cost price to the middleclass people compared to Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, etc,


Bhiwadi is only a few kilometres away about Manesar, an devlop industrial and real estate hub adjoining Gurgaon, which has brought the debate of investors and buyers on this bestir township.


Bhiwadi is a classic Tier II city and gives cost for money to the investors and the buyers alike. freshly-constructed apartments here are developed a lot of buzz, as they offer multiple benefit to the middle class people.


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